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Updated: Apr 6, 2022

IMAGINE Imagine going to a doctor with a history of chronic exhaustion in the morning, not being able to think clearly for you job, having pain throughout your joints when you get up, and noticing significant weight gain. Now imagine that without taking any blood tests or coming back for multiple visits the doctor is able to pinpoint the organ system that is malfunctioning and is able give you the tools to fix it in the same visit! This was my story (among many others). I had suffered from allergies and fatigue ever since I was I child. I had gone to multiple doctors, worn heart monitors, taken blood and skin tests but without any significant solution. I remember the first time I went to visit a Doctor who practiced Applied Kinesiology (AK). Literally within 5 minutes of evaluation the doctor knew what the problem was and sent me down the correct road for health. This is dramatic and is not always the case but is reflective of how efficient this diagnostic system is. Imagine another scenario. You are a doctor and have been sent to a low income neighborhood or you're doing nonprofit medical work overseas in the Third World. Without Radiographs, without blood tests, without surgery you are able to find the underlying causes to some of the major problems that people suffer from. As a doctor you are able to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. You are able to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, fix chronic joint pain, diagnose and fix digestion problems, alleviate allergic reactions, and fix herniated disks. This system for diagnosis and treatment is so effective that its founder, Dr, George Goodheart, was the first Chiropractic doctor to be invited to work on athletes in the Olympics in the 1970's. Since COVID-19 has hit America Opioid use has increased 25% (according to Epoc Times). Now imagine being able to alleviate the physical pain, the emotional distress, even certain forms of depression without Opioids. HOW IT WORKS The key to excellent medical treatment is asking the body the right question and learning how to listen to it's response. In this sense the body (or you) are the healer and the practitioner, is at best, a humble facilitator of health. The nervous system is the great connector in the human body and is aware of every lesion and every problem there in. The nervous system connects the systems of the body (gut, brain, respiratory, cardiovascular) to muscles. The question to the body is the muscle test. Clinical evidence and research has confirmed that organs are connected by the nervous system to specific organs. For example, if a person with diabetes is having kidney problems then the psoas muscle will show weak (research included below). Next is listening to the body for it's answer. When the body is exposed to the correct treatment then that specific muscle will strengthen. The correct treatment will strengthen the nervous system and communicate that to the doctor via the muscle test. This is a gross simplification but at its core AK is the art of learning to listen to the body and be receptive to its response. Our Creator has designed the human body with multiple diagnostic tools already built into it. There are times more invasive diagnostics, surgery, or medications are needed for acute cases. But for most cases the AK system of gentile diagnostics will be successful. It is gentle with children and sensitive to the elderly. No needles or long/painful procedures are needed. WHAT CAN BE FIXED The AK philosophy of disease considers the three primary directions that stress assaults the human body. It comes in the form of Physical stress, Chemical stress, and Emotional stress. When the combined stress becomes too great for the body to compensate any more than we see the symptoms of disease. This shows up in the loss of function, pain, fatigue, ect. Physical stress can be identified and alleviated by correcting joints, balancing muscles, allowing cerebral spinal fluid to be formed and to flow uninhibited in the central nervous system. Nerve pain can also be relieved. Chemical stress can be alleviated by first pinpointing the allergen (this can often be accomplished in one visit). The body can be asked as to what nutrition, herbs, or homeopathic remedy is needs. There is no guessing or purchasing expensive supplements that are not needed (article posted below). In the first visit common allergies to foods (gluten, eggs, dairy, meat, peanuts, ect); common stressors from micro organisms (fungi, virus's, invasive bacteria, parasites); common chemical toxins (BPA, mercury, lead, copper, aluminum) can be identified and remedies given. Emotional stress can be pinpointed and alleviated using a combination of muscle testing and meridian therapy (Chinese medicine). This system is so affective for treating emotional stress that it is used by Psychologists in treating patients with emotional trauma (research included below). It has been said that 86% of all ailments in America today re related to nutritional deficiency. For this reason it is best to get at the underlying cause rather than simply alleviating a symptom. The goal is to be able to still be able to go dancing at age 65 and traveling the world with your spouse unimpeded by cancer or kidney failure at age 72. MAINSTREAM AK at present is a "working hypothesis." To become a "theory" (such the "atomic theory" or the "theory of Newtonian Physics") more research must be done. Currently AK has been proven in the clinical field in terms of the myriads of correct diagnosis that have been made and patients that have been cured. Many clinical and case studies (see below for links) have been done showing its merit. To cross the threshold from "working hypothesis" to "theory" many double blind clinical studies still have to be done. Naturally this involves millions of dollars that the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) at present does not have. In all fairness we only know the underlying mechanism to about 50% of all pharmaceutical medications. The rest is given simply because it provides a certain wanted clinical effect. As a practitioner we must live within three worlds and find the best balance between the three. These three worlds are: what the patient wants, what the double blind clinical trials indicate, and what is proven to be clinically effective most of the time. CONCLUSION I hope this has provided an accurate picture of what I do here at Mission's Clinic. My mission is to enable every one of you to fulfill your given life assignment unobstructed by disease or pain. But rather to live with the greatest energy, to think with the greatest clarity, and to feel with the greatest joy.

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