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Updated: May 8, 2022


Apart from Banking Medical Insurance is one of the most corrupt industries in this country. Medical insurance companies underpay doctors so badly that it is common even for Medical and Osteopathic doctors to turn to cash only patient visits. The primary goal of the medical insurance company is not to provide medical care for its members. Rather the insurance company is an ATM machine that profits CEOs at the top, politicians, and pharmaceutical companies. And under Federal law employers and individuals are being forced to contribute to this charade.

Unfortunately, those who keep insurance companies accountable fail to do their job (and are most likely on the insurance pay roll). These companies play a myriad of tricks to withhold health practitioners of their wages. Chiropractic doctors are the most vulnerable and are consequently treated the worse. It is c

ommon for companies to withhold payouts for months or years over made up or bogus reasons. When the courts force these companies to payout, they do so without paying interest.

Additionally, when companies refuse to reimburse the doctor for their services the remainder of the bill is sent to the patient. The patient, no knowing what to think, blames the doctor (who treated them) rather than the corrupt insurance practices. So not only has the practitioner lost his wages, but indirectly they have lost the patient they treated.


For the most part medical insurance is intended for catastrophic events and hospital stays that can quickly put you in the poor house. Since the 1920’s it has been a turf war between pharmaceutical and holistic medicine. Backed by the world’s first billionaire, David Rockefeller, pharmaceutical medicine dominated medicine, hospital rights, and access to insurance company payout.

Medical insurance, therefore, should be used mainly for medical emergencies and necessary surgeries. Even with this one must be cautious. The American Medical Association itself admitted that only 3% of all surgeries are considered “necessary.”


When it comes to medicine my patients and I have experienced firsthand that the best medicine is typically conservative medicine that does not rely on poisoning the body with drugs or cutting it with a scalpel. Unfortunately, whether insurance companies feel the same way their health coverage policies do not reflect it.

It is necessary then to acquire good healthcare (not through health insurance) but rather despite health insurance companies. People cannot rely on the profit-oriented protocols of hospitals or the clinical judgement of MD’s. The reality is that even good hearted and knowledgeable MDs are threatened with the loss of their jobs or medical licenses. This loss comes if they deviate from profit and pharmaceutical oriented health protocols.

To find well trained holistic diagnosticians’ people must leave the “safe” and “affordable” world of health insurance and look to cash based practices that are free to prioritize the patient’s well-being. These practitioners include Traditional Chinese doctors, Naturopathic doctors, Chiropractic doctors, Homeopaths, nutritional clinics. These are the practitioners that perform “miracles” on a day-to-day basis. “Miracles” that sap modern medicine and their counterparts (insurance companies) of their profit. To choose traditional doctors, in a sense, is an act of much needed revolution.


An interesting fact is that insurance companies are far more favorable towards clients rather than to doctors. For this reason, after paying cash up front, it is possible to get a receipt from your doctor. After turning it over to your insurance company they will reimburse you directly (usually about $30).

Other options include utilizing an HSA account (if your work provides the option). Churches and faith-based organizations provide community-based collectives. These collectives ignore the middleman and places every person’s fee in a common barrel. When a member needs healthcare the community barrel is used to assist them (in whatever medical service the group has agreed upon). Some of these programs include:



Insurance companies cover Spinal or Extremity adjustments.

They do not cover Spinal care that is maintenance.

They do not cover Nutritional work, Homeopathic remedies, Internal diagnosis, Applied Kinesiology, Emotional support, or Iridology.


A typical copay is between $5-$50 for Chiropractic care.


For patients who wish to use their insurance Dr. Martin will offer receipts that may be exchanged for direct reimbursement from their insurance companies. Otherwise, for the price of a $30 copay Dr. Martin will offer a patient service that is typically covered under insurance. This will amount to a 5-minute spinal adjustment for the price of $30. This is what a patient would pay if using their medical insurance.

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