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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

INTENT This Blog is not intended to diagnose or treat any one person. For that I recommend seeing a Primary Care Physician if possible. This topic is near and dear to me and is something I have thought of for a long time. Naturally whole books can and have been written on this subject. I wish only to give a brief introduction of the common issues people face overseas and some general principles and treatments that have been shown to help others. Treat this blog as a brief introduction. In the future I will be writing blogs that will give greater diligence to each topic in the following problem list. PROBLEM LIST There are many overseas workers that don’t have access to the medical expertise as when they are stateside. Many of these workers operate in voluntary roles and many, because of the nature of their work, are strapped for cash. This population includes people working for Non Profit Organizations, Peace Corp workers, or overseas Missionaries. Having been raised overseas in a 3rd world country I'm familiar with much of the strain that this population undergoes. In the following I have compilated 5 of the top conditions that this population suffer from (specifically in the South East Asia region): Stomach problems Low Back Pain Stress Head Ache's Knee Problems Fatigue Dengue Fever UNDERLYING CONDITIONS (STRESS) Amidst these specific problems there are 3 types of stress that predispose this population to the before mentioned issues. First is Emotional stress. When traveling overseas often time a person is in a culture they cannot engage, immersed in a language they don’t understand, and separated from a emotional support system they relied on most of their life. The feelings of fear, isolation, and lack of grounding are common. These negative feelings decrease serotonin and increase inflammation in the body. The body cant heal and the brain stops working as efficiently. Not operating as efficiently as before the brain does not process its environment as well and mistakes are made. These mistakes lead to frustration, which further compromises all systems. Second, there is the Physical stress. If working off grid or in physically demanding conditions these individuals might be physically exhausted. This compounded with lack of sleep the nervous system will compromised. Rather then being in a rest and repair state the fight or flight mode will dominate. The body is a marvelous fighter, but even this marvelous fighter can only compensate so long. Among other things the immune system is compromised, which lays the conditions for disease. Lastly, there is the Chemical stress. Many of the vehicles in 3rd world countries do not require emission testing or catalytic converters. I remember when living overseas it was estimated that spending one day in Manila was equivalent to smoking a packet of cigarettes. Chemicals are allowed for every day use that are illegal in the US and the constant battle with nature requires stronger and stronger insect sprays. In this condition the body is more vulnerable to bacteria in the water, parasites from mosquitoes, and viruses from other people. Once these three stressers are managed then the specific conditions mentioned previously become more manageable. For the time being I will TREATMENT

-STOMACH PROBLEMS Stomach issues can be caused by emotional stress, unwanted micro-organisms, and GI issues. A common prophylactic is to take oral hydrochloric acid (Zypan) before each meal. This assists in killing micro organisms introduced during meals that are pathogenic and assists in breaking down protein. This is highly recommended for people living or traveling overseas. When the body is under emotional stress HCL secretion may be compromised. This leads to and inability to kill off pathogens in the food, and leads to an impartial break down of proteins. This leads to allergic reactions and contribute to adrenal fatigue.


Back problems are often best treated by a Chiropractic doctor. Nonetheless, if a disk herniation is suspected doing 15 extension pressups twice a day may help in repositioning the disk. Supplements that help with the inflammation and ligament repair are Ligaplex 1 and 2, clinical grade Omega 3, and Cataplex ACP. For pain management cold packs are always a good option and is recommended before extension pressups.

-STRESS HEAD ACHES Headaches brought on by stress can be caused by many things. Two very common underlying conditions are metabolic and forward head carriage. If the head is too far forward work this will lead to tight neck and trapezius muscles which will then lead to head aches. For the metabolism, honestly the diet is key for most people. Stay away from processed foods, coffee, and soda and eat much more fruits and vegetables. Due to the glysophates used in grain production staying away from gluten products (wheat, rye, barley) will most likely be of great assistance. I know this is easier said then done so we will talk more about this in another blog. For foreword head carriage focus on abdominal belly breathing throughout the day, and try to keep the head in neutral posture. Using digital screens and cellphones each day compromise our neck posture.

-KNEE PROBLEMS Knee problems are another big issue. Of the many preconditions, I will be looking at 2 common ones. These include osteoarthritis and metabolism. Osteoarthritis is calcium build up in joints due to repeated trauma and diet. One way to manage this condition is to take 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day. This keeps the blood from becoming too alkaline, which is a predisposition to osteroarthritis. Supplements include Boswallia and celery root. For metabolism see 'Headaches.'

-FATIGUE Fatigue may be the biggest issue that this population suffers from. This is why even old Folger's coffee tastes so good in the morning! I remember being so tired both physically and mentally when I was overseas. For this topic I will again be speaking in what is common for 80% of the population. For this I would be looking at Adrenal Fatigue. This is such a massive topic that I will write a separate blog on this topic as well as Gastro Intestinal issues. When the adrenals are sub-optimal this affects energy, cognitive ability, hydration, and ability to cope with stress. One of the biggest concerns here is diet. Sugar kills and Vegetables and fruit restore. Some supplements that may help in the meantime include Adrenal extract, vitamin B complex, and high doses of vitamin C.

-DENGUE FEVER Dengue fever is another big concern for this population in the Pacific Islands. For this I will largely look at anti viral treatments. These treatments are also helpful with the COVID scenario going on around the world today. One very significant natural anti-viral compound is found in the skin of the lime an other citrus fruit. Putting fresh lime juice along with its cleaned peal will do wonders for the immune system and ward off viral pathogens. In more serious conditions vitamin C via IV therapy have shown to be effective for serious infections, including COVID. Supplements that are recommended include Immuniplex, Cataplex A/C. For drainage of the virus atronex has been found to be very helpful.


This is an introduction to common problems. Each subject is so massive in and of itself that I will most likely be blogging on each subject in greater detail in the future. I hope this brief over view has been helpful and will assist you in your own life mission, whatever that mission may be.

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