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INTENTION: Many parents are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to vaccinating either themselves or their children. We all feel we are basically good people and want to make the best choices for those we're responsible for. For those parents or individuals who do choose to vaccinate I want to provide tools that will help curb any of the adverse affects of the added ingredients to the vaccine. I have no interest in addressing the political concerns or validity of vaccines in this vlog. My concern here is to look at the landscape of our world and to address it simply as it is. I am interested in considering how to minimize the detrimental affects after you or your children have been given a vaccine. THE PROBLEM: A basic list of the toxic ingredients found in vaccines according to the CDC are as follows: formaldehyde, thimerosal (organic mercury), animal DNA, infected animal proteins, aluminum hydroxy sulphate. These ingredients are not taken orally, in which case the mucus membrane provides a protective barrier. Rather they are injected directly into the person's blood stream. Lets look at the toxic effects of each ingredient separately: Thimerosal: Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man currently. With a methyl group attached to the mercury, making it more organic, Thimerosal is much more easily absorbed. This makes it 100 times more toxic than in its natural form. Formaldehyde: According to the CDC ingestion of merely one ounce may cause death in an adult. It also destroys the mucus membrane upon contact. Aluminum hydroxy sulphate: Acute exposure to Aluminum can cause neurotoxicity. This leads to neurodegeneration and neuro aging. Infected animal proteins: Studies have show that people injected with contaminated animal protein produce symptoms in a patient of the same disease they are trying to prevent. Putrified protein samples when injected have caused TB in animal studies. I'm not asserting that vaccines do not do what they are intended to do. What I am saying is the many of the ingredients are significant neurotoxins that lead to significant neurological disorders. Now imagine injecting the above toxins directly into the blood stream of a child who is in the midst of significant neurological development. Imagine injecting those ingredients into the veins of your own child. This is a problem. And for parents living in one of the four states that don’t allow vaccine exemptions this is a fear. For ex-patriates who are raising their children overseas multiple vaccine injections at birth may be a necessity. In the following we will consider ways for parents to mitigate the neurotoxic affects of vaccines after they are given. TREATMENT The science behind heavy metal toxicity is that of chelation. We want to introduce compounds into the body that will bind to the heavy metals so that they can be secreted through the urine or the feces. We want to prevent these heavy metals from implanting themselves into the persons neurology. Once they implant themselves into the persons neurology then metabolism and neurological development is compromised. A friend of mine who teaches preschool always knew when a student had just gotten their vaccine the day before. The students would have no energy, no attention. They would simply stare blankly into space. ORGAN SUPPORT Due to the nature of the vaccines and the ingredients contained there in the assault on the body has three primary fronts. The primary organs and systems that need to be supported are the liver, brain, and the immune system. SUPPLEMENTS Supplemental support including Parotid PMG and Chelaco is excellent. Parotid PMG supports the Parotid gland which allows the body to secrete the toxins. The Chelaco supplement binds with heavy metals and chemicals for secretion. Glutathione, Neuroplex, and Beta-food is excellent for liver support. Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) can be stimulated in the body to repair damaged nerve bodies. This is done primarily through carbohydrate restriction, various high intensity low duration exercises, and intermittent fasting. This is also extremely helpful for people suffering from concussions. The immune system can be readily supported with high doses of vitamin A, C, E, D, Selenium and zinc. This assortment can be purchased as a whole complex called "ACES-Zinc." FOODS The foods that will be most important in metal detoxing will be sulfur containing foods. These will include garlic and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower). Raw garlic is the best and can be consumed more easily raw when they are pickled. This is easily done by refrigerating multiple cloves of garlic in a brine for two weeks. This may increase the nutrition and possible bio availability of the allicin in the garlic. CONCLUSION There are ways to provide vaccines to a population without the above neurotoxins included. Until that day comes I hope that the above information has been helpful for individuals or parents looking to use vaccinations. As a disclaimer this vlog is not intended to treat any disease. For treatments concerning post vaccine care you must see a Primary Care Physician of your choice.

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