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INTRODUCTION: When I was raised overseas in the tropics mold was always a problem for me. It caused a constant itching of the eyes, sickness, and allergic reactions. Many people have had to leave their careers overseas because of this very problem. Even as an adult I still feel the emotional and physical stress that is a result of mold exposure as a child. In this vlog I would like to understand the problem that mold can cause. Secondly, I will be looking at a variety of natural treatments that are very effective against mold. SCIENCE: Mold is a fungus that releases toxins called myotoxins. These toxins once they enter the body suppress the immune system and inactivate white blood cells. If left untreated this can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome and possible auto immune disease. The latent or hidden stress placed on the body can show itself in many different forms. The source of mold may originate from flooding, antibiotic use, food contamination, or from Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a pesticide used on most crops and has consequently contaminated most soil used for food production. This then disrupts the bacteria populations in the soil. This has lead to a spike in mold growth, specifically fusarium. Much of our problem with mold most likely is from this source. PROBLEM: Studies have shown that there is not one predictable set of symptoms but rather each person presents differently depending on their genetic disposition. These include: Brain fog Digestive problems Eye irritability Poor immune system Anxiety Muscle pain and stiffness Respiratory problems Scent sensitivity Skin problems Sleep problems Urinary problems Weight gain TREATMENT: GARLIC The most powerful natural food that can be used against mold is garlic. By pickling it in brine for two weeks, not only does its nutrition increase but it becomes much more edible raw. This gives provides the maximum effect against mold. CHARCOAL Activated charcoal mixed with bentonite clay is a powerful treatment for absorbing the mycotoxins that may be found in the body. This can be taken orally 2 hours before or after a meal, 3 times a day, twice a week. I have taken this treatment and I have been very happy with the results. Charcoal taken orally is also the military's treatment for mold infection. GRAPFRUIT Grape fruit seed oil is a strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal. This can be taken orally when symptoms occur. SUPPLEMENTS Zymex is excellent for treating fungi lodged in the system. Organic garlic (either in raw or supplement form) is helpful for draining the mold out of the system once it has been killed. SUGAR Removing sugar from the diet removes the food mold and other pathologies thrive on. Intermittent fasting and implementing a ketogenic diet is also very effective once sugar is removed. CONCLUSION: I hope this has been helpful to you and has given you an introductory understanding as to how to manage mold in your body. This vlog in no way is a substitute for professional medical advice. If symptoms occur it is recommended that you make an appointment with the physician of your choice.

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